Photo Credit: Chris Lambeth

Photo Credit: Chris Lambeth

Patrick Kawahara

Sr. Art Director at

-By day I push pixels as an Art Director and Photographer in San Francisco. By night I am at the neighborhood bar with friends and on the weekends I am hunting down redwoods to sleep under. My last meal would be a Carnitas burrito, and I often find myself dreaming of this one Chori Pan stand in San Telmo. I am terrified of spiders and have a soft spot for anyone and anything old. When I am not working my day to day, I am holeing up working on projects.

-The work that I pursue involves a common theme of duality, the development of instantaneous creation paired with simultaneous destruction, and exploring the complexities of the inherently simplistic. I have chosen photography as the medium to explain and express these themes, in that photography has the innate ability to explain the most abstract with elements of definitive fact and truths.